Pentaco Management aims to develop leasing strategies that would truly enhance property values, works hand in hand with brokers.

For example, in order to create the right tenant mix, the company would include in its research input from as many sources as possible including property managers, tenants, owners and local government. 

Pentaco enthusiastically markets property using different traditional and non-traditional marketing strategies. It has proven that it can bring strength and vitality to an asset regardless of the market conditions or economic situations.

The leasing managers work hand in hand with local agencies to keep themselves abreast with the ever-changing laws and regulations that govern this type of real estate activity. In addition, to keep ahead of the economic conditions, they conduct extensive market research and analysis of the real estate needs specific to the assets they are leasing.

Pentaco is particularly proud of its “hands on” management style, which has enabled the firm to handle a number of turnaround situations over the years. Whether retail or office properties, Pentaco has proven time and again that it has the capability to reposition an asset and bring it back to economic health. At the present time, Pentaco has an in-house staff of fifteen individuals and is responsible for the day-to-day management of 25 buildings. The availability of in-house construction and legal support enables Pentaco to turn around both leases and tenant spaces more quickly as well as being optimally cost effective. The firm utilizes the most current property management software to provide a firm financial and analytical base of operations.

Our goal then and
now is to provide
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As a process transformation company, we rethinks
and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining
the speed and insight of design thinking with
the scale and accuracy of data analytics.