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Commercial Real Estate Services

  • Preparation of budgets and project financial statements
  • Preparation of operating statements and billing to tenants
  • Project accounting and collections
  • Insurance administration
  • Annual review of real estate tax assessments and submission of tax appeals as deemed appropriate after seeking professional advice
  • Development and implementation of policies and procedures
  • Payroll and benefits administration
  • Personnel recruitment, training, evaluation and termination
  • Marketing initiatives, including advertising in various media, development of initiatives to improve curb appeal, as well as strategic installation of professionally designed building identification signs
  • Negotiation of Leases and communication with Real Estate Brokers
  • Planning, subcontracting and supervision of tenant leasehold improvements and building expansion, as required
  • Negotiation with lenders relative to mortgage loan financing
  • Implementation of energy management and preventive maintenance programs
  • Cost segregation studies